New platformer idea? + my playdate came yayyyy


Hi, my PlayDate FINALLY came, and I really want to make a game for it, and I have a great idea: a platformer that shifts around when you turn the crank. I am still trying to figure out how to use the LDtk importer and find characters, but I can do that later. For now, I'm trying to figure out how to shift everything around. Say that I did have an actually working level and character, and another level. My idea was to take a screenshot when you turn the crank, and then find the differences between the screenshot and the new level, and change them for a nice, clean transition, but it would be WAY too complicated. Does anyone have any other ideas (and code cause I'm really bad at it lol)

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Welcome aboard! Maybe you can sketch something to show what you have in mind?

I'm terrible at art, but pretend you had this:

Then, it said "turn the crank", and when you did, it extended the platform out to this as you're turning the crank (and "draws" the floating island):


What would the transition be? The geometry animating fully from one to the other, with full collision detection if the player or other objects bump against in-between states? That would be complex custom work.

If you just want a visual dissolve, while all objects hold still and collisions don't matter, that's simple enough. Capturing the screen and dissolving that away to reveal the new level behind it would work pretty simply (some methods being faster than others).

Yeah, I think that would work! Could you try to make the code cuz i'm really bad at lua lol. This is my first really big project so I'm probably gonna need a lot of help :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

No, but I think it might be worth experimenting with sprite:setStencilPattern

Starting with a small concept is sometimes the easiest way to learn. (I started by making a clock, then a bunch of other clocks... then the game I had in mind.) The SDK comes with some useful examples to look at.

Good luck!

This is a cool idea! If you let us know when you hit a roadblock, we'll help you one by one. At the end of it all, you'll have a game! Stick with it.

Even if you don't do any code right now, or want to explore the examples, you could do game design or level design. Lots to do