Now device won't start

I can connected to my Playdate with my PC and downloaded the latest SDK (0.11.0) I copied over the folders on my device with the ones from the 0.11.0 sdk folders (Data, Games, System) and now it won’t boot up :frowning:.

I get a [The device firmware is too old to run this game. (version=9) Please update and try again!] error

Can I install the latest firmware manually? I’m stuck

oops, the error is actually [The device firmware is too old to run this game. (required SDK version=9) Please update and try again!]

Not much help but I’m not sure you’re supposed to copy the files over manually like that. Upgrading the system is done through the device these days.

So you might want to look at this old thread about updating to 0.10.0 to get OTA working:

And maybe this thread:

After that you can OTA to 0.10.2 and then 0.11.x and onwards.

I tried that, the firmware folder does not exist for the PC

Hi Matt, could you please send me version 0.10 firmware? I have a similar problem as in this thread. OTA is not working. Also, the link provided is dead.


Please reach out to Panic staff @neilpanchal

Hey Neil! I'll DM you directly about this.

I'll lock this thread for now since it's pretty old and is likely not relevant to what some people might be running into.