Object and Animator do not support strict mode

Hi! I recently came across strict.lua which is included with the SDK libraries, and found out that the Object and Animator libs are not compatible with it (version 1.12.3).

It looks like animator.lua is simply missing a local on line 227:

time = checkTime(self, intime)

And object.lua tries this on line 80:

_G[__NewClass.className] = Child

which throws a assign to undeclared variable error.

I'm not really sure if there is a nice way of resolving the latter issue, I tried 2 ideas so far:

  • Adding a global ignore_strict flag to temporarily allow the assignment (which feels a bit hacky)
  • Removing the assignment altogether and simply return Child (which feels more natural but does break the API of class().extends())

Admittedly this is probably a rather niche issue :playdate_happy: but it felt a little unexpected that these included libraries are not (fully) compatible with each other.