Orkn's Pulp Prototypes

Something silly I needed to get out of my head as I could see how simple some of the mechanics would be to implement just with the default pulp collect behaviour...

Carrie Cargo: Parody Walking Action

What if Death Stranding was on the Playdate... and British?! Collect cargo, earn claps, and reconnect Britain to the DATA CANAL NETWORK.


Collect more cargo for a multiplier! Crank to balance!


Watch out for LONDONERS and reconnect Britain!


These YODELLERS will chase you for your cargo!


Don't get run over by these BIKERS!


As expected there is a thrilling plot...


...full of shocking twists!

It's very unpolished (default font and there's no sound whatsoever!) but if you'd like to give it a play, here's a pdx!

Carrie-Cargo_-Parody-Walking-Action.pdx.zip (38.2 KB)


Just announced and released during the community direct, Goodnight Universe is a micro audio game to fall asleep with about the heat death of the universe.

I've had this idea in my head since before the Playdate, but the lack of front or backlight on the console really makes it make sense as it can be played in the dark with no screen light causing a disturbance.

I was also inspired by Pulp's noise channel to add an extra feature where the game's title screen continually generates low volume noise, meaning it can double up as a passive sleep aid. It was fun to work out how to poke the pulp music editor in the right way to do that!

The game's trailer was created in Pulp and can be watched in-game by entering the Konami code on the title screen. I really can't resist including cheat codes in my games!

This is definitely on the more experimental and conceptual end of the scale but I think Playdate really encourages that kind of thing.

Goodnight Universe is free or pay what you want on Itch :slight_smile:

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Runaround Reaper was my entry for PlayJam 4 - my first ever game jam! I finished mid table which I was happy with, especially considering "use of console" was one of the three categories in which my game came deservedly second last (not using any unique features of the Playdate at all really).

Mainly though it was an excuse to have a go at refining some chaser enemy behaviour in Pulp. It's probably too intensive to do any actual pathing in Pulpscript, but what I ended up with was an enemy that can chase the player (or move towards another target) and navigate around rectangular obstacles. As long as there are no inside corners to get trapped in, it works :smile:

I wasn't planning on participating as I didn't think I'd have the time, but it was fun to take part in a jam, even if it was on my own and without the full weekend to build out an idea over. I'd definitely like to properly dedicate a weekend to a jam with a team if I get the chance in the future!