"Performance on Playdate" (book) pre-orders now open

I'm writing a book! :ledger:

"Performance on Playdate" how to make performant games on Playdate.

It will be written "in the open" (for backers) and much content has already been written over the last month.

Pre-order button, sample content, and more info at:


yes please and thanks !

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Hey Matt!
Any news about the book? I'm currently thinking about ways to optimize my PD-game and your book would be very handy for me :slight_smile:


Pre-ordered! :slight_smile:

extracharacters extracharacters


I'm aiming to get this out ASAP after Sparrow is done.

Apologies for the delay.


it is not clear for me if this is geared towards people coding in lua or people coding in C as there seems to be a difference in performance between the 2 when running on real hardware

This is focused on Lua.

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Awwe yea, pre-ordered