Playdate as a USB audio device?

Hi guys - Since our game has 15 original one and a half minutes songs in it, is about being in the music business in 1927, and audio is integral to it, I’d like to be able to use the playdate as a usb audio output device for optimizing how things sound thru it for our game :heart_eyes_cat: Is that possible?

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To clarify: you’d like to plug it into a computer over USB, and play sound from the computer out through the Playdate speakers?

There’s been some movement and a partial solution to this on the discord.

Correct. I’d like to be able to mix music through the tiny speaker in real-time to optimize the sound of these songs for our game though the speaker

I was just now looking for this functionality and found this thread. Is anyone aware of any movement on this front?

The Discord link above no longer works as far as I can tell.

I also would love to specify an attached Playdate as an audio device so I can create and tweak audio cues for the device speaker without having to render, rebuild, and deploy to device each time I make a change.