Playdate dev looking for pixel artist

Hello, i have a very rough prototype game and a few sprites that i am not happy with because i suck as an artist. If you are good with vehicles and animations, please reach out.

Thank you!

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Hi there! I'm very rough at code, but pretty decent at pixel art, new to game development, working on pico-8 and hopefully eventually playdate, rn though... I was literally just thinking I should offer my pixel arts for peeps.

I actually, sorta specialize in 1-bit art too!

I'd like to be clear that I am by no means a "professional" pixel artist, just an aspiring game dev, mistress of none artist/geek/weirdo/delivery girl, who happens to do pixel art, and has dabbled in animation on and off most of her life.

I've never really done vehicles as pixel art, but am interested in giving it a shot if you have any particular direction to give!

I unfortunately don't have much of a portfolio, but have some examples of 1-bit stuff I have done on hand.

"A Light in the Dark" 128x128px

"Earth from Space" 128x128px

I work with whatever tools I have, and actually enjoy working with limitations, both of the above were created on a 1997 Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 in HexPaint (think MacPaint, but mobile), there's more, just, not on hand atm!

I'm working on some sprite animations for a breakout clone tutorial for Pico-8 through "Lazy Devs Acadamy" because ma'am is it dull as is, I can upload the finished sprites, and their 1-bit equivalents as animation examples as soon as they are done if you are interested!

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@ColdApollo I've had a lot of success working with saiyadjinn on fiverr

Sorry i have been inactive, i just graduated from High School, and like preparing for college. I have new idea for a game, but i was wondering if u want to hop on as ur art looks amazing. I have a big idea than crank ww2 shooter. Its been brewing in my head for a while. I think the playdate is amazing for it. I will send private message if ur interested.

I'm not the biggest fan of games loosely based on historical wars, but I've been known to enjoy them. 1942 or something? I'm interested in what kinda art you are looking for if you like mine, are you thinking more like 1942 or more Metal Slug?