Playdate doesn't boot — mount failed (err-01)

Since yesterday, I can't restart my Playdate. My daughter handed it over to me completely drained to recharge it. I plugged it in the USB charger and when I checked minutes later, the lock button LED was green and the screen shown a message saying:

sharing BOOT segment as USB drive
Press A to reboot

After pressing the A button, the LED turned red and the screen had this message:

mount failed (err-01)
Press A to reboot

By pressing the A button, the device is looping endlessly between the first screen (green LED) and the second one (red LED).

I also tried to let the battery drain completely and when charged a bit to reset via paperclick with no success.

Disclaimer: I'm not a dev and my device is a regular, production one that arrived one month ago. It will be a huge disappointment especially for my daughter, who waited for it more than two years to arrive. Any help is appreciated.


Please contact Support via

It's the best way.

You're right, didn't notice I could send a direct message. Thanks for pointing out.