needs [flip] parameter

most of the other image:draw functions can draw flipped except drawFaded

I will make do with, ditherType):draw() in the meantime

Good catch. Unless there's some technical reason I'm not aware of, we should be able to add this. Thanks!

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For anyone else, this is the code I went with:

image:fadedImage(  alpha , ditherType):draw(x, y, flipped) -- where image is from either
-- or
-- image ID )

The only problem is I can't find anything showing the differences in dithering types, only that you can't use the ones named after people (kDitherTypeFloydSteinberg, kDitherTypeBurkes, DitherTypeAtkinson) and none is probably useless.

kDitherTypeDiagonalLine, kDitherTypeVerticalLine, kDitherTypeHorizontalLine are self-explanatory

kDitherTypeScreen, kDitherTypeBayer2x2, kDitherTypeBayer4x4, kDitherTypeBayer8x8 are not

I will try to get pictures later, once I get everything working