Pop-over menu options?

Hey all.

I'm working on a project where at various points, there will need to be a menu that pops up over the screen, perhaps with the screen graying out behind it, like a modal dialog. I wasn't sure if there was something like this already available or if i'd have to write my own from scratch.

A few options i was thinking about

  • Menu pops up with a circle/pie interface.
    ** maybe the crank will rotate all items around, or just rotate a cursor and the highlighted item.
    ** maybe it provides four options and you select one with the dpad
  • menu pops up with a vertical list of items
    ** turning the crank rotates the list items through under the center cursor
    ** or use dpad up/down to select...
  • simple pop up with a few items, no rollaround, just a static list..

I'm fine with any of these if i can save some UI code writing. :wink:

What options are out there?

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