Project Title and Thumbnail

Just curious. I'm using the github template located here as a default setup for my projects (I've been experimenting with a few things).

How do I get the project to deploy to my playdate with a custom title card and thumbnail? Was doing some co-dev stuff and since it has the same default title, my co-dev's project version overwrote my project. When I upload my partner's project to my sideload site, it installs as an "Update" to my game and scrubs my version.

I assume properly renaming the project will remedy this, just not seeing where to do this in the documentation yet. Thanks in advance for the help!

The metadata is probably what you're looking for, the pdxinfo file in your folder holds this information.

For dev sideloading purposes, you could change the bundleID potentially, and it will register as a different "game" and won't overwrite the other person's.

Thank you! I tried messing around with that file a bit, but I just couldn't figure it out. Having the doc link should be enough to get me going though!