Registration of SDK causing problems

I get a Git-related error when attempting to register the SDK.


I have attempted the solutions previously mentioned in the forum, but I can't seem to get it to work.
I am on Windows 10 working through a home Wi-Fi on a laptop.

Other that the C:\GitLab-Runner which would relate to GitLab, not Git, what makes you think it has something to do with Git?

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Outisde of that? Nothing.
But I'm not able to figure this out myself, which is why I thought I'd rather just show the actual message.

If it's somethign else, it's something else. ^^

It's nothing to do with Git.

Try uninstalling the SDK and reinstalling it in the default location.

It’s a bug with the 2.0.1 SDK: Crash on 2.0.1 Windows Simulator


Ah, thank you. I hadn't spotted that thread. I'll just wait for the fix. :slight_smile: