Remote 'play' of animated tiles?

If I call play "tilename" as part of the player script, it replaces the current player sprite with that animated tile rather than triggering the tile to play. The below code results in "every 8 seconds, replace the players legs with half a cat" rather than "play the cat blinking animation over there, on the cat tile".

on cattimer do
if"start" then
  play "cat1"
  play "cat2"
  wait 8 then
    call "cattimer"


The Docs say "replaces the current instance of a tile" but i'm not referencing the player anywhere, just calling from the player script, so, it's just assuming it's that?

Is there a way to trigger an animated tile to play in place remotely?

You have to tell The cat tile to play the animation. This can be done by x,y or by tile name.


tell x,y to
  play “cat1”


tell “cat-tile” to
  play “cat1”
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Yeah of course you do. Thanks Ryan, brain wasn't working at all! Used 'tell' hundreds of times now :rofl: