Request: move arm-none-eabi-* into the PlaydateSDK folder

.. not /usr/local/playdate.

$ mv /usr/local/playdate ~/Documents/MyOwnPathNotTildeDeveloper/hardware/playDate/PlaydateSDK/ # update PATH, etc.

This way I can put PlaydateSDK anywhere I want and actually still have the compiler onboard.

I mean, unless there's a really good reason to use /usr/local/ and not put, the toolset .. in the SDK .. in which case, apologies for intruding.

Oh, and hi. Nice to finally have my .. gonna be pushing bits on it Real Soon Now™ ..


The main reason is the installer overwrites the existing SDK folder, so we'd be needlessly re-downloading the ARM toolchain every time. If you want the installer to use a different folder without having to click the "change install location" button, you can edit the ~/.Playdate/config file to point SDKRoot to a different location. That's in the docs, right? No?

Oops. :flushed: I've filed that, and we'll add it as soon as we can.