Rocky Stairs - a third person endless runner

I was able to team up with some great people to create a game for the Playdate during this weeks PlayJam 2: Rocky Stairs

Alongside the game, we created a nice little manual. Which made me wonder if there is a demand for a standardized Playdate manual template.
Are there any devs interested in such a template?

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What format is the template? Just plain text?

The Manual was made using Google Slides.
You can download the printed version of the manual on the games page, or using this link:

If people are interested in a open version of a Manual Template, then I'd port the Google Slides version to Libre Office and PowerPoint too, to make sure everyone can use it. And make some improvements to the template.

The reasons for using the Power Point / Slides format, and not a normal text document format were:

  • Easy visual styling
  • Nice layout for a physical manual
  • Accessibility
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