Run Game on Device from simulator fails

Hi, I am using Ubuntu and everything works fine but the option in the simulator "Run game on device" when I click that option simulator get me a popup saying "Enter on-device path to game" with an input with value "/Games/MyGame.pdx", click on ok and on device I get an error saying "You need to restart your playdate"
Upload game to device works perfect but run game allways crash.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi there, this is working for me. Please verify the path to the game you've entered is correct. For example, launching the hello world game would be "/Games/hello_world.pdx". If the game can't be found at the given path, it will show an error on the device.

The other possible issue is you've uploaded a game that isn't built for the device and are trying to run it. If you press the B button on the error screen, it will show you the specific error message. Hope this helps get you down the right path.

Ahhhh, ok, now I see the problem, it was a misunderstood, I thought that this option launched the game that is in the simulator in the device but I see now that this option launches a game already existing in the device, right?
Thanks so much.

Yup, that's right. The game already has to be on the device. You can use the upload to device feature to upload and run the game in one step.