Scoreboard format & metadata

I'm looking ahead to future scoreboard integration and there are a couple of features I'd really like to see added to the API.


  1. Score format. Some of my scores will be represented as time values. It would be nice to indicate this for proper display in the Catalog page.

  2. Score metadata. I'd love the option to record a small amount of additional metadata with each score entry on the board.

Use Cases

Here are a few examples of how score metadata might be used:

  • Store the vehicle/character with which the score was set
  • Store the control scheme (e.g. crank, button, tilt, etc.) used to set the record, akin to the "wheel" icon in MarioKart
  • Store replay data so others can observe the run, whether its a sokoban puzzle solution or a racing lap
  • Store "ghost" data for other players to compete against
  • Tuple scores: I have some game modes in which both a time and a numeric score are paired in the final ranking, and finding a way to smash them into a single number feels messy.


I can think of ways to achieve some of these with the current API, but it would be an abuse of the system. Specifically, any data that one could conceivably encode into a numeric value could then be recorded as a second, complementary "metadata" scoreboard. One would then fetch both scoreboards and decode the metadata to pair with the actual score. As there is no official limit on scoreboards, perhaps this is an acceptable solution. However, integrated support — even for a very limited amount of data — would be ideal.

@2DArray FYI — some of these use cases are up your alley.


Ebs is right, this stuff is relevant to me, too! I'm working on a racing game which I'll eventually try to get onto the Catalog - it's inspired by Trackmania, so a big part of it is racing against another person's replay/ghost, and having leaderboards which include replays would be a major benefit to the game. I'm not sure how bandwidth/storage would factor in here, so for context, races tend to be very short (20-30 seconds) and at the moment, a 30 second replay is around 340 bytes.