Sideload build history

I'm curious if anybody knows the particular use-case reason for showing all previously uploaded Builds in the Sideload tab of the account page. In theory it seems useful, except that it's not as though we can download past builds from there anyway, so it ends up just being something that needs to be manually maintained and trimmed? I appreciate the extra info as a dev, but as an average player, I might not even understand what the Delete button does? Removes it from my device forever? Or just cloud? Both maybe?

Just wondering how others think about and use this page !

It's so you can revert to a previous build if necessary: delete the newest and your device will download the second-newest (you may have to start the download manually).

It can get unwieldy when you're testing builds, though. I'll file a request for an easier way to clean up the list.

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Nice! I wouldn't have thought that it had that functionality, that is useful.