Sideload Web Page tag errors

I wasn't sure how to tag this, since it's on the side load website itself.
on the page: Sign In, in every entry, the tags around the author are imbalanced:

 <h3 class="sideloadGameDeveloper">by Scott Lawrence</h2>

The same error appears on the app detail page, ie<appid>/

Note: if you just "inspect element" of these, it shows them as <h3 ... > since the browser fixes it on load, but in 'view source' you can see the mistake.

Also, the markup for image on the app detail page has a mistake in it as well:

<div class="sideloadGameCardImage" style="background-image: url('"></div>

There is a missing close quote, close paren for the style... it should be:

<div class="sideloadGameCardImage" style="background-image: url('')"></div>

(I noticed these since I've been writing my Itch-Sideload app, and I'm scraping the side load pages to get the needed info. :wink: