Simulator accelerometer default value?

  1. Run Simulator
  2. Open bottom panel
  3. Look at default accelerometer value


  • most of the time it defaults to pointing down
  • sometimes (not sure when) it defaults to centered?


  • should default to centered?
  • or maybe remember last value?


  • on device holding the device normally (upwards, screen facing you) reports y = 1, which input test shows as pointing up?
  • default resting position of controller analog stick for accelerometer is centered, but value is unchanged until analog stick is moved

Is it centered when you have the controller plugged in, perhaps?

The X and Y axes follow the screen coordinates--positive X is to the right, positive Y is down. Using the right hand rule that puts positive Z through the screen away from you.

I think I've figured it out: if I centre it and then re-run game from Nova, it remains centred...because the Simulator is not reinitialising?

Controller: it only changes if I move the analog stick, it will still default to down when simulator launched, or centred if game relaunched from Nova.

Regarding screen: should the input test on device not show positive Y as down? (it's currently up)

Aha, you're right. And probably also the only person to ever notice that. I'll file that, though our priority scale only goes down to "Low". :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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