Simulator Crash when calling addCheckmarkMenuItem incorrectly

run this code"Test Item", true, callback)


Simulator crashes


1.10.0 (Mac)

I'm seeing a Lua exception but the Simulator isn't crashing for me. Is this all the code you have in your lua file?

No, there a ton more!

I'll send crash logs when I can.

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So, there were no crash logs because it hadn't crashed. :sweat_smile:

But I was getting beachball on the Simulator.

Repro Steps

  1. Nova
  2. Project > Debug > Activate Breakpoints
  3. run code with"Invert Display", true, callback)


  • Nova Debugger should come to the front


  • Simulator stops and beachballs
  • You have to manually switch to Nova Debugger


  • With Breakpoints deavticated this does not happen
  • Confusing to have to do this, as there are no breakpoints set in my project