Simulator "docked" checkbox steals focus, prevents keyboard input

Using SDK 1.10.0 on Ubuntu 21.10

If I clicked the "docked" checkbox with the mouse, the focus of the program moves to the checkbox (there's a dotted outline around it)

This causes the arrow keys and A/S to stop being sent to the main window, and I have to mouse click the virtual device at the top of the screen for it to gain focus again.

Is it possible for the device to "steal" back the focus as soon as the "docked" checkbox is toggled?

The dock position stepper control does the same thing. You can press the tab key to get back to the main interface from both of those controls without the mouse. Keyboard navigation, in general, has been on the back-burner and could be improved. In the mean time I can prevent the Dock check from getting keyboard focus.