Simulator: time and date wrong?

If this counts as a bug: I'm in US Eastern time zone and the Simulator defaults to +5 hours for me. Maybe using GMT instead of the host Mac's time? (Easily changed manually in Playdate Settings.)

I think that was true both at first install of 1.9, and then again after the 1.9.1 update.

Also, the date (check it when Locked) is showing one day later than it should. (This I think may be new with 1.9.1.) I don't see a way to change that in Settings.

For what it's worth, setting time BACK to Automatic again fixed both the time and the date.

More context if it matters: I had the Simulator already set to Manual (from when 1.9's time was wrong) when I installed the 1.9.1 update. The update reset it to Automatic, which gave the wrong time and date. But now having switched back to Manual, then back to Automatic again, everything seems accurate.