[Solved] Sim crashing when I launch my game

SDK Info:
Platform: Windows
Source code (use build.bat to build): GitHub - zurgeg/playdate-emu: Let's try to make an emulator for the Playdate!
SDK version: 1.10.0

Build steps:
Clear old pdx directory
Build PDX
Run sim

Other info:
The entire Sim crashes. It loads up the time screen, and stops responding entirely. I tried rolling back the commits to when it started crashing (right after 58d0b7b11f5aa4d6f44e85e14c827f0a02ecbb36). That didn't work either. It doesn't seem to be an issue with my code. Any ideas?

Okay, so the problem was happening because I fixed a bug, causing the emulator to run the program forever without ever letting it call playdate.update.