Some mistakes in Inside Playdate


Just some mistakes I noticed while reading through Inside Playdate recently. Mistakes include formatting, grammar, and copy pasting.

Seems like you separated push and pop and didn’t update the description for pop:

Copied from uploading a game to the Playdate, the SDK is not a game:

Should probably be an image instead of x and y:

First it says x2 instead of y2, and then it says y1 instead of y2:

Should be “being able to save and restore”:

The first function is a copy of the previous function (not pictured) with the description of the second function:

spite:setImage should be sprite:setImage:

I’m guessing the function should take f as an argument:

Both current and currently is a bit weird:

Formatting error on kTextAlignment.left:

Should be nodes in the description:

Should be node in the description :stuck_out_tongue: :

Please close the parenthesis (relevant xkcd:

Newline should be after previous description instead of between the functions:

I assume the function takes signal as an argument:

Same here?:

Function variations should be on separate lines:

I assume the first function takes an argument (also the inconsistency regarding colons in the description is a bit weird):

Functions should be on separate lines:

Frame timer sample code should not be a subsection of Common frame timer properties:
Skärmavbild 2020-07-24 kl. 18.03.50


Wow, thank you very much for this! I’ll get these fixes into the next release.