Sparrow Solitaire: unfinished game in need of programmer

One of my abandoned prototypes is a mahjong solitaire game I call Sparrow Solitaire

the sound of the tiles hitting each other is likened to the sound of sparrows, and the Chinese name for sparrows was the original name for Mahjong

If any programmer wants to take this on please get in touch.

Already done

  • Lua code
    • Playdate SDK project
    • object-oriented, class-based
    • tile shuffle, layout and dealing
    • animation (not final)
  • Multiple tile-sets
    • Alphanumeric
    • Egyptian hieroglyphs
    • Emoji "classic" SoftBank-style
    • Mahjong tiles (eu, ja, us, zh)
    • Toki Pona hieroglyphs
  • Multiple background images
  • Sound effects (own creation)
  • Music (royalty free)

To do


  • I would continue to do the graphics, user interface
  • Game design would be collaborative
  • You would program the gameplay flow/logic and game modes
  • 50/50 revenue split when the game is sold on or in Catalog


tiles-menu   s3

s4   s2


Very cool... I don't think I'm quite yet confident enough in my Lua skills to volunteer, but I'm very interested !

This is now a collaboration between myself and @madvogel :tada: