Spoon Saves Us All -Dev blog

Hey all! I've seen a lot of people doing this so I figured I'd do the same. See what you guys think.

I'm new to the game developing scene. No experience. But pulp was a big reason I pre-ordered my playdate on launch day. Anyway,

I wanted to keep it pretty simple to start. I wasn't sure where to begin so I just started making environments.

So slowly I started stringing rooms together and added a few little fetch quests. Just to progress things along. A story started to form.

You're a Rabbit man thing who takes a train to the next town. On the train a world renowned doctor is murdered and you get caught up in the aftermath. You get arrested, meet some friends and try to find the true killer.

Originally I wanted to have a battle system kinda like guitar hero. But instead of hitting notes, you're dodging projectiles. But being inexperienced, I put that on hold for more of a earthbound type RPG type. Still tossing ideas around.

I'll keep posting as things come along. Any ideas are
welcome as well so feel free!

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Here's a few more screenshots of various things.

First is a rework of the Battle room. Still finishing this one up.

The rest are from various story beats. I've gotta say the 1-bit pixels have been a fun challenge to to work with. Still working on how to implement the battles. Not trying to make things too complicated. But the urge to keep adding new things is very strong.


Love the look of these scenes! Can definitely see the Earthbound look, especially with the oblique perspective, and I'm getting a bit of love-de-lic too. Looking forward to seeing more!

Looks cool! Very interested in how it plays!