Still not receive any tracking number email regarding Dev Preview Playdate device


I still not yet receive any email regarding the tracking number of the Dev Preview Playdate device.

Please advise.

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I never got the tracking email either, but I checked and was able to get my tracking number.

Additionally, I don’t know where you’re based but I’m in the US and I have been part of USPS Informed Delivery program for years now and I got an alert when a shipping label was created last week for my device shipment. I’ve had the same strategy for all the major shippers as well-- FedEx, UPS, and USPS all have a way to make an account, verify your address, and then give you online access to any shipments that come up for your address, including Email/SMS alerts and dedicated apps for your phone.


Thanks Scott for the sharing, I just checked the link, the Dev Preview Playdate device just shipped from U.S last days ago with tracking number and on its way now :slight_smile:

Btw, I am staying in Malaysia.


Mine shipped as well. Check out your SPAM folder because it looks like Gmail is filtering out those emails.

We have in fact had a problem with these notification emails — sent by our shipper — getting caught by spam filters. We are looking into how to prevent this from happening in the future!

hi Greg, thanks for the hint, is true the email is filtered under SPAM folder, I checked this afternoon.

My unit is still in transit and probably stuck somewhere in the logistics / delivery land according to Passport.
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Hi, I received my unit, but paid extra customs charges 10% based on the invoice for electronics item.

In addition, I have to collect the item from local customs department myself otherwise total amount to pay will be 20% ( +10% for delivery service ).

I suggested the Playdate device when available to Asia countries, is better to publish through online platforms like Lazada, AliExpress and etc, as to facilitate the purchase and delivery process :slight_smile:

Is understandable this device is made in Malaysia and shifted back to U.S to be re-distributed.

Personally, I paid much duty tax for purchasing this device, and I doubted consumers willing to purchase the Playdate device at the price equivalent to a smartphone ?

In my case, I mentioned to the customs officer that the Playdate preview unit is local made product, the officer is kind enough to reduce the tax for me.

Hopes, this help.