System 6 Pocket - A Classic Macintosh "Simulator"

Haha I loved shufflepuck as a kid on the mac plus, after I finish the little platformer game I am working on I have some ideas on how to implement a shuffle puck like game. My parents still like to remind me of how mad I got as a kid when the characters laughed at me for losing. :sweat_smile:

this project seems very cool.. I would love to see a Hypnospace type game come to fruition from it.


I love this! The instant I saw Playdate I thought it was ripe for aping old Mac systems, games, and graphics. Kinda wish there was a bit more, but what's here is fantastic.

Have you given any thought to using the accelerometer to control a cursor?

Also, I beat the puzzle game! I've never managed to do that before. :open_mouth:
System 6 Pocket 2023-08-23 22.18.48