"System Update" option should allow you to choose when to install updates

Super minor, low priority nit pick: I think the "System Update" option should first tell you if there are updates, then allow you to choose to install them.

As it stands I think its a minor UX issue because:

  1. The name of this option isn't explicitly clear that it's going to install updates, and there isn't any help text or documentation to explain this beforehand.
  2. There is no way to stop the system update once it's started.
  3. Updating to the latest OS may be undesirable e.g. I have a spotty internet connection, there is an issue in the latest update, etc.

When there is a system update available, you'll get a banner on the lock screen notifying you about it. Is that good enough?

Normally yes!

However today someone in Discord mentioned there was a new update, but I didn't have a banner on the lock screen. I went to see if the "System Update" option would tell me if there was one, not remembering it would start the install upon selecting.

EDIT: As an alternative, I think renaming the option to "Update system" and removing the carrot/arrow would be clearer. I interpreted "System Update" as "here is the system update menu" especially since other options with the carrot open to other menus, and don't immediately execute an action.

Makes sense. I'll file the request. Thanks!

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