Tell swap issue

Hey there. Having any issue with tell/swap. I have a npc you speak with and at the end of the Convo i want another to come into the room. I have it set up like this.

In sprite script

Say "blah blah" then
Tell 14,4 in "room2" to
Swap "npc2"
Tell 14,5 in "room2" to
Swap "npc3"
Tell 14,6 in "room2" to
Swap "npc4"

Now it fires correctly but it places "npc4" at 14,0 no matter what the second coordinate is. And the other 2 tiles are not visible at all. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for any help!

You need to remove the in "room2" from the tell. I don't know why it doesn't error and behaves like this instead, but if you check the docs tell is only documented as working in the current room.


tell 14,4 to
  swap "npc2"

This will work as expected.

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