The word "here" outputs to log from hardware ONLY... but does not exist in my code?

I'm feeling a little insane. The word "here" exists nowhere in any of my Lua files... but it's getting output to the console—from real hardware only. (Nor are random strings assembled anywhere in my app.)

I'm investigating a problem in a certain situation (within an inputHandler) where the (A) button is triggering a seemingly impossible action from some entirely other place in my code: a sound sequence plays (hard-coded notes) that is used somewhere entirely else in my code.

So I watch the blue console from the hardware: all looks normal EXCEPT... every time I press (A) in this situation, the problem occurs and the word "here" prints to the console. Even when the (A) button isn't set to print anything at all...

That mystery word outputs between zero and four times each time I press (A) in this situation. (Usually 1 or 2 times; no correlation to how long I hold it.) This does NOT happen the Simulator.

When I add my own INTENDED console output to the (A) button, it prints once, as expected, right before the "here"s show up.

Any thoughts? What variety of stupid might I be demonstrating?

Can you reproduce it in a minimal example?

Not so far... the full scope of what's going on is complex... but if I could figure out where that console output is coming from I might get closer to the fix.

I remember letting slip a "moo" on a government website in production :sweat_smile:. Maybe it is something similar and someone at Panic forgot to remove this?

EDIT: Maybe the code running on the device is not the latest version? Did you wrote "here" in an old version of your code?

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I don't know where it is but that's definitely my fault. I always use print("here") when I'm doing caveman debugging.

Okay, I found one: Looks like that snuck in when I fixed a problem with sound sequences not looping in 1.12.1. (It's already removed for 1.13.) Does that sound like what you're hitting? I don't know why you'd only be seeing it on the device, though.


I see! It may be related to my problem then: the wrong sound sequence playing.

I won't worry about the console output but I WILL welcome it as a clue to sound sequences being the issue (which I suspected).

As for hardware vs. simulator--maybe timing issues are a factor in some way? I'm not sure yet, having not yet tracked down the root of the problem, but I'm using multiple timers. I could well believe some process would finish in a different order on hardware.

I'm partial to debugging with "***" in the console myself...