Trouble importing CoreLibs


I am having trouble compiling the demo Lua project and am just starting to work with the PlayDate SDK. Each time I try to compile I get the following error:

error: source/main.lua:9: No such file: CoreLibs/objects

I have read through the SDK guide and believe I have the environment variables set correctly. I am using the 1.10 SDK, Nova 9.1, and MacOS 12.3.1

I have attached output showing how the environment variables are set and what the main.lua script looks like. I think it is just a very simple misconfiguration, but I can't spot it. Thanks for any assistance.

Try CoreLibs/object instead? I always get that confused since sprites is plural there.

Of course! I was so focused on the import failure that I missed that. Thank you so much! That worked, so excited to have this great device to create with!

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