Trying to place my tilemap with it's lowest point aligned to the bottom of the screen

I have tried setCenter() setBounds() moveTo() and gfx.setDrawOffset() but can't get it to start in the correct position. What is the best way to approach this?

For context, I am trying to implement a shootemup style background that scrolls upwards from the bottom.

I think the issue I was having was a weird interaction between drawOffset() and draw(x,y, sourceRect). I recreated a minimal example that works:

function playdate.update()
    counter += 1
    yPos = height - counter

    --gfx.setDrawOffset(-24, counter)
    floor:draw(0, 0, 0, yPos, 400, 240)
    coins:draw(0, 0, 0, yPos, 400, 240)

In the process a possible bug was discovered, reported here: Tilemap behaves unexpectedly when drawOffset is set