Unable to mount Playdate in disk mode?

Since updating to the latest OS release this week, I'm unable to mount the playdate is disk mode on my Mac. Running M1 macOS 13.2.1 and don't have issues with other disks.

I've rebooted the Playdate, tried mounting on two different Macs and my iPad Pro, but nothing seems to mount the disk. Anything else I can try?

Are you using the Simulator to mount the disk or the key combo on the device?

I was setting it from the device in the system settings.

The Play date appears to be properly in disk mode, but I can’t seem to mount it on any of my computers.

That certainly is unexpected. When the device is mounted, try running disk utility on it and fix any errors if might find.

Disk Utility doesn't see it either... :frowning:

Have you tried a different USB cable? Also, you could try a long reset by pressing the reset button in the crank docking port for at least 10 seconds to see if that helps at all.

Yeah, I've done the long reset with my Apple SIM tool and I've tried 3-4 different USB-C to USB-C cables as well as trying the yellow cable that came with the device and using a USB-C to A adapter on my MacBook Pro.

Possible dumb question; how long are you waiting for it to mount?

Usually just a few minutes, but I did leave it connected for a few hours this afternoon while I got distracted with something else.

I'm also seeing this issue after updating to 1.13.1. I tried a factory reset, a dozen different cables, different computers (two Macs and a Linux desktop). No luck getting the device to mount in disk mode. I've also been unable to talk to the device via pdutil.

@willco are there any other debugging techniques that can be used here?

@davidcox Thanks for chiming in. I knew I wasn't the only one!

@willco Anything else we can try? I'm not looking to deploy anything at the moment, but would love to continue my epic play through of Baseball Brat Badventure without having my progress reset due to the sideloading changes. I need to have access to the filesystem to move my preferences over!

We have an update coming soon (today?). After updating see if that helps at all, thanks.

Thanks @willco!

I applied the update but the issue persists. I submitted a crash report from the device (not sure if this helps) and enabled device metrics.

If you know of a way to gather diagnostic information related to the usb port I'd be glad to send that over too. I also wouldn't mind mailing the device to Panic for debugging if that's easier.

Could you try reverting to the recovery firmware and seeing if that works? To do that, hold Lock+Menu+A+B and it’ll reboot and install the recovery firmware. See if that mounts correctly, if so, you can then try reinstalling the current OS. If it still doesn't work, let me know too. :slight_smile:

I reverted to the recovery firmware (1.11.1) but still can't get the device to mount

To be clear, you can't mount the device but can the Simulator see it?

I can't mount the device or access it via the Simulator. The device charges but doesn't appear to have a data connection.

I’ve updated to 1.13.2 and cannot see the device in disk mode or the Simulator. I tried downgrading to 1.11.1 and that also did not work.