Unable to register Playdate console

I cannot register my Playdate Console. Playdate writes:
"Please Contact Us. Visit Playdate Help for help registering your Playdate (PDU1-Y014624)"

I wrote this issue to help@play.date and dave@panic.com. But I don't receive any message.
Or Panic team has dev problems... Or team ignores me and banned for an unspecified reason.

How to resolve this problem?

And nothing happened!!! No help, no support! (((

Gotta love the audacity of distributing pirated Catalog games and demanding support when you get banned for it, lmao

It's also Memorial Day Weekend (a three day weekend / National Holiday) in the US - that could also be a contributing factor.

(no comment on the pirating thing, don't know anything about that)

I think you made fake account and wrote this here, for your security))) "lmao"

Ok thanks! I will note this.