Unofficial Playdate Community Jam (MOVED)

can we begin a game Jam for the community?
I have some ideas for the jam page on and I have some theme ideas too.
should it be 1-2 weeks long? or maybe 1-2 days? I also want to run it near the time of game a week, so people can submit their games to the jam and game a week as well.


ps please DM me if you want to see this happen.


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Since many people have just gotten their hands on the playdate for the first time, they are probably prototyping the game they've had brewing in their head for weeks/months/years right now. It might not be the right time for a broad game jam.

If you narrow the focus to, say, microgames, there might be more interest.

There has been much discussion and a few efforts to get the ball rolling on this already, but they were a bit premature as they started before the SDK went out.

The key to this project, I think, would be (a) a good API so that it's easy to contribute minigames, and (b) to research and consolidate the efforts of those who have suggested or made strides toward this in the past.


Microgame framework by @Nic is here Let's all make microgames! but this also didn't succeed for some reason

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hey, can you send me the discord invite?

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Hey! my minigame framework is pretty much ready to go, so I'd love to make this happen! I'll send you a DM to talk the details!

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Sorry, I spoke too soon! I didn't realize you were still working on this :slight_smile: