*Update* Pulp suddenly stopped working on everything


I’ve been using both my laptop and ipad to build in pulp and for some reason pulp has become unresponsive on the latter.
My game has jumped back to the last time it was saved and I can’t do a thing.

Update it doesn’t work on either of my laptops or my phone now either.

Is this a known problem?

Kindest regards,


@shaun should be able to help with recovery.

Can you tell me your game id? (That’s the number part of urls like /pulp/1234/edit or /pulp/1234/play.) I can see if we logged any errors for your game.

Hi Shaun,

My game id is 1475.
Hopefully you can see what’s going on on your end.

It looks like an internal editor setting (which is stored with the game data) got into an invalid state and the error it caused was one JavaScript couldn’t recover from. It should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble!