Uploading to device via simulator fails on "Unmounting"

Following an upload to device via the simulator (macOS, 1.12.0), I'm consistently getting a device crash during the "Unmounting" step.

The device shows an animation of falling blocks and states, "Sorry, your playdate has crashed" Pressing A to restart repeats the cycle and a paperclip reboot is required.

The game is successfully installed and available following hard reboot.

Anyone else seeing this?

We have a bug that causes a crash like this when your game's title contains spaces. You can work around it by temporarily renaming your game; hopefully we'll have a fix out in the next patch. Sorry about that!

Interesting. While my game's title does not contain spaces, I think I started seeing the issue when I made a change to that title.

Thinking it was likely related anyway, I did a "make clean" and it appears to work fine now.


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