Wastebraver (Previously Tiny Survival GDX:) In Production

Howdy y'all!

Tiny Survival is a post-apocalyptic rpg with roguelike elements we (Strangest.io) is developing for the Playdate!

Here are some gifs of our progress so far, we arent to far along yet as we have only been working on this for a few weeks while we have downtime.


I will update this thread as we make progress! :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks,


This looks really neat! I see lots of crank'ing going on, yea? :smiley:

Looks arcadey in all the good ways - bold and kinetic. I like it!

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Howdy - Lots o'crankin! :slight_smile:

Thank you! We will be posting a build within the next few months to get feedback!



I personally think it would look just as cool without the flashing!

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Working on biome animations, here is a test for the wastes:


agreed! We are going to work on it

How do you make the assets and the animations? Do you have a workflow to easily convert them?
Because it looks very cool!


Do you have a YouTube channel I can subscribe to :slight_smile: maybe you could even upload a trailer there when development is over (or nearly)!

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Hey Nic, love your prototypes - and porting doom to the playdate - that is extremely wild.

We are doing a mix of things - our art folks are doing some of these by hand in asperite, and some of them through image processing in blender. For example the car, buildings and t-beams and nukecloud in the nuke gif are all from blender with image processing. Then thrown into photoshop to isolate out the layers for parallaxing.

We followed this tutorial for processing 3d in 1bit: Working in One Bit - Mars After Midnight by dukope

For the truly 2d stuff - i guess thats just magic from our artists!


we do have channels - but it will be a while before we post a trailer for Tiny Survival (now Wastebraver) you can follow here:

Vimeo: The Strangest Interactive
TW: https://twitter.com/strangestIO
IG: Login • Instagram
SITE: https://strangest.io/

yay - new enemies:


Still working diligently on what is now Wastebraver (previously Tiny Survival GDX).

We made a landing page: https://wastebraver.quest/
Itch: Wastebraver: A Tiny Survival Tale by Strangest.io
Steam: Wastebraver: A Tiny Survival Tale on Steam

We are also working on a modding/content tool to make it easier to get stuff into the engine, quick dirty greybox SS here lol:


Hey yall - we are still working super hard on Wastebraver, recently worked on a Lockpicking system for dealing with doors/chests:



Damn. Can this run on real hardware? I'm looking at the nuclear explosion specifically and thinking "wow."