Website sideloading error: "bundleID missing from pdxinfo"

Platform: Windows
SDK version: 1.11.1

When trying to sideload via the website, my users are reporting an error that says bundleID field missing from pdxinfo. The field is clearly right there in my pdxinfo (I see it in all the zips I've uploaded).


  • Use this to build an app
  • Watch it fail

For me, your "assertion" check in main.lua was the culprit. Removing that, building, and sideloading works ok.

assert(playdate.metadata.bundleID == "com.zurgeg.NineLives", "metadata is broken somehow")

Not sure why, maybe assert doesn't play nicely with the metadata.

Interesting. I just now added that to check if that was the problem. I wonder if this commit fixed it? Can you try checking out 1f41d181d65240ed7b46642dde61d7cb45c1eed6 and building?

We've seen this fail if you've included a framework that also includes a second bundleID. Is that the case here?

Nope. I just checked.

@willco @Whitebrim The problem was caused by AnimatedSprite (hence why I pinged whitebrim). Basically, AnimatedSprite included a built PDX with a PDXinfo that was missing it's bundleID :wink:

EDIT: Oh! Turns out it had already been fixed. I forgot to update my submodule.

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Yeah, sorry for that. As you can see I already fixed that. Because if that, Panic got new bug report :+1:
I think pdxinfo file search algorithm is currently deep-first but needed to be breadth-first.
But still, thank you very much for using my lib :3

The guys are working on a server update to ignore any non-top level pdxinfo files. Thanks for the report!

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