What does the "other" button do on the hardware / quitting the game?

In the playdate promo shots, there's another button visible on the unit.

Is this a dedicated "Home" / "Return to menu" button? Do we have any way to access this in Pulp with a "Sure you want to Quit" message or similar?

This is the menu button. It’s how you access the volume and return to the launcher. You cannot intercept or cancel its input, even with the full SDK.


Okay cool! Cheers @shaun.

I assume by "intercept" you mean there's no way to check if it's been pressed? For example, I wouldn't be able to detect if it's been hit then run a savegame function automatically?

While you can’t change what the button does, your game will be given notice when it’s paused (in the SDK, not Pulp); you can save at that point.

Note that your game could quit through a number of other ways, so it should be saving outside of explicit events like this as well.

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Pulp saves its data store every time you change rooms. So as long as you’re using store (when a variable you want persisted changes) and restore (when the game loads), you don’t need to worry about prompting the user to save before quitting.

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@neven @shaun

Thanks gents, that's very helpful info all round! Much appreciated.