What the Crow?! / Midnight Raider / Prototypes

I've always enjoyed scenery in animated films or games with tall grass. There is something quite nice about them. Wanted to add one to Midnight Raider as well. They don't blow in the wind or move when the player walks through then, but we'll see...



One thing that has bugged me for quite some time was that in closer up shots, the player has a ponytail, but in gameplay, it looks like two little spikes. I've added additional animations in nearly all player states to make the hair flow a bit. I especially enjoyed creating the hair movement when the bow is fully charged to give an extra effect.



The game was very punishing because when the human throws the box, there is no escaping, and you always get boxed. Thanks to the community and the great ideas, the crow can now escape the box if you are able to fly fast enough.



A radio has been added that carries the music from the title screen. The further away you are, the more quiet the radio is. There are also a few tracks it plays through. You can turn off the music by destroying the radio altogether.



I love the idea of placing options/settings in the game world. There's one in Super ICARUS :wink:


Few days until release!

Thank you for all the interest in What the Crow?! For downloads on What the Crow?! by Lumi, over 1,100 downloads! Great to see many people trying out the GameJam version and can't wait for you to try out the Catalog release of the game.

A few people have been asking what the difference would be between the GameJam version and the release version. Here are some of the differences:

  • Flying is no longer unlimited. You need to collect feathers to fly higher.
  • Lots of new objects. There are over 100 in the game and a few hidden items.
  • Music has been added to the game that plays through a few songs in the in-game "radio".
  • House has been expanded to not only the upper floor, but a little higher than that as well.
  • Another human has been added to the game as well as a couple animals.
  • More decorations and level details.
  • You can outrun the box and escape being boxed.
  • Footsteps of the humans helps to know when they are near.
  • Global highscores have been added.
  • Updated title screens and animations.
  • Intro story voiceover have been completely revamped.
  • A new house is in the works. You can see this option in the level selection screen, but won't be available for launch.
  • A new optimized version of the game (built from the ground up) is also in the works and will be release post-launch. This is to optimize further for RevA.

Wishlist on Catalog: Playdate game WhatTheCrow




SO ADORABLE. Can't wait to play it!!!!

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What the Crow?! Is out on Catalog!



Congrats on the launch!

Bought. Can't wait to play when I get home.


@matt Thank you and thanks for the support! Sounds good!

Working on levers for What the Crow?! on the Playdate console. Playdate game WhatTheCrow


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when will you release Midnight Raider
Made by Lumicreative have been waiting for months :sob:

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Not sure at the moment, but was originally aiming for later this year. I have taken a little break from Playdate to enjoy the summer a bit, but looking to start again.