When "moving" sprites, is there a way to swap in what was there?

I'm using this script to "move" objects and when it moves through a tile, it just swaps it with white. Is there a simple way to swap the tile back to what was already there? Do I need to build a way to record what was there and then swap it back?

You can use a variable to store the tile before „moving“ the object there and swap it back in later. I described my approach at the bottom of this How-To: Make Sprites Pushable

Ah! That's right! I remember reading your post, thank you so much!

So, this only works for a player right? You are using goto at the end. I'm using self moving sprites that are independent of the player.

The whole tutorial is targeted towards creating the effect of pushing sprites/items. The goto moves the player in the same direction as the item the script is executed in, thus creating the illusion of pushing.

In your use case, that isn’t your goal, so the main part of the tutorial isn’t really that helpful for you.
I was more referring to the two lines I added in the section about remembering tiles: You need to store the tile ID or name of the tile you’re moving the enemy onto before moving it there. Then, when the enemy moves on, you’ll have to swap it back in.

(Make sure, if you have several opponents at once, that each opponent has its own variable for storing the "hidden" tile, or things could get messy.)