Windows simulator cannot load PDX files on drives other than C:\

Platform: Windows + Simulator.

I have installed the SDK on my C:\ drive, but store my projects on my P:\ drive. It seems that the windows simulator cannot load pdx files when they are on my P:\ drive, but they load fine when moved anywhere in C:\

I was running into this when trying to build and run the hello world C API example, I haven't tried doing anything with Lua.

This is the error I get in the simulator:

19:15:54: Loading: P:\hello_world.pdx
19:15:54: Loading: Failed
update failed: (null)
19:15:54: Update failed, simulator paused.
Load failed: (null)

Repro steps:

  1. Build the hello world C API example (in my case it was with cmake -> nmake)
  2. Drag the resulting .pdx onto the open simulator window: it runs fine.
  3. Copy the .pdx directory onto another drive
  4. Drag the copied .pdx directory onto the open simulator: It does not load.

Dupe of Error loading game .pdx from another drive

Please see that post for solution.