Xcode C_API Example Projects needs polish

Platform: Mac OS Monteray
Xcode: 13.2.1

I've been trying the C examples in Mac and I've been having problems building them straight from a refresh install of the SDK.


  1. Hello World requires you to re-add the playdate simulator or else it tries to run it from a path with 'james' in it. My name is not 'james'.
  2. Many of the examples such as Life or Sprite Game just don't compile. I think they could be missing targets which the 'hello world' examples has.

Can the developers provide guidance on how to correct the examples so I can build them successfully in Xcode?


Are you using the Cmake or Make files?

We probably shouldn't have included the Xcode projects in the C API examples. I never could get it to work very well, was only using it as a text editor. Building from Xcode does work if you set it to the makefile target but it usually fills the editor with error alerts from the other target. I always run make from the command line, so I'd forgotten how janky that was in Xcode. I'll file an issue to either fix those or remove them.

“Cmake or make”

I’m just using what it is from a refresh install. I’m pretty new to this so you’ll have to tell me.

I do like the use of Xcode as I can easily put breakpoints and run and deploy the code from the simulator. If you are able to make it work consistently then that would be great!

If not, can you recommend a good workflow for debugging, building and deploying the C examples? Having that in the documentation would be great too!

@Rascal As Dave noted, the Xcode projects do have a couple issues which you found, sorry about that. You can use the make or cmake files to build the examples without issues, but I understand wanting to use Xcode. We will get it sorted out, thanks for the report!

The array example seems to work fine, which is what I based my project off of.