1.13.1 Linux. Error messages on simulator start, and lockups on exit

So with 1.13.1 on Linux (Ubuntu 22.04.x) I now get these errors on startup. Didn't get them in beta 1.13.b1.

Also, about half (maybe two-thirds) of the time, the simulator locks-up on exit. Doesn't seem to matter how you exit. Window toolbar (x), File->Quit, etc. I did see this in 1.13.b1 too.

human@PDDevVM:~/Code/Play.Date/Keypad2$ pds ./hello_world.pdx
13:21:02: SDK: /home/human/Code/Play.Date/PlaydateSDK-1.13.1
13:21:02: Release: 1.13.1
13:21:02: CMD: ./hello_world.pdx
../../raven/vcpkg/installed/x64-linux/include/wx-3.2/wx/strvararg.h(484): assert "(argtype & (wxFormatStringSpecifier<T>::value)) == argtype" failed in wxArgNormalizer(): format specifier doesn't match argument type [in thread 7f4c7ebfe640]

Call stack:
[01] 0x56542d1b8571
[02] 0x56542d1b61ca
[03] 0x56542d080ce4
[04] 0x56542d1b8ef2
[05] 0x56542d1bc576
[06] 0x56542d057094
[07] 0x56542d1bca0b
[08] 0x56542d1b7439
[09] 0x56542ccf2c4e
[10] 0x56542ccf1b2a
[11] 0x56542d2eb866
[12] 0x56542d2f39d8
[13] 0x7f4ce1294b43
[14] 0x7f4ce1326a00
13:21:02: Loading: ./hello_world.pdx/
Loading C API game: ./hello_world.pdx/pdex.so
13:21:02: Loading: OK
13:21:02: Soapbox: error: 6, http code: 0

Guess I could valgrind it.

There was minimal changes between beta 1 and release, I'm not sure what could cause this argument parser error. I'll see if I can reproduce it. It seems to have to do with ./hello_world.pdx argument (?).

I'm aware of the possible lock up on exit, which isn't new, and have a pending fix for that which hasn't been pushed yet.

Thanks for the report!

One more question, what's your alas pds look like? I can't reproduce at first glance.

Gah! I kept working on my project, and now it doesn't show the error. Sorry.

If you see the format string error again, please do send me the project, I'd like to get to the bottom of that.

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