1-bit art tools?

Hi all,

I got curious what tools 1-bit artists use to draw 1-bit stuff?

Searching around a bit I found:

Photoshop is actually a pretty good option if you have it.

Piskel looks pretty nice. Web based and handles animations and seems specifically designed for sprite kind of stuff.

And this thread: Convert color PNGs to 1 bit per pixel? has some great links to various tools, especially if you want to do some dithering or convert existing images.

Anyone on here have great recommendations for tools or resources for creating 1-bit art? Whether it's animated sprites or background images? What do you use?

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I definitely recommend checking out Aseprite, it's an awesome tool for any kind of pixel art!


Yes Aseprite is a really good option.

Somehow I tend to use Acorn on Mac. It is relatively lightweight and easy to use to create quickly some assets. But it's mainly because I am not an artist.

I also used recently ImageMagick to convert a bunch of pictures. You don't have great control IMO but there is still tons of options.

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On macOS I use Acorn for a bunch of stuff, and Piskel mostly for animation and spritesheet manipulation (really wish this could get a few small QOL improvements).

And on iPad I use Pixaki.

Some people swear by Pixel Studio (iPad), Artstudio Pro (macOS and iPad) but I'm yet to try either.

Though most of my work is automated using a make file build process that runs OpenSCAD and ImageMagick.

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