2.0.0 - Quickly prompting game update doesn't auto-start download

If you enter the Games menu in Settings, the list will automatically refresh to pull up the latest downloads & updates. If you open the menu for a game that has an update available, and click the 'Update Game' button before the list is done refreshing, it will prompt the user that it's "Waiting to Download..." (and have a wait icon in the game list). After the list is done refreshing, instead of automatically starting the queued download, the game will remain stuck prompted as waiting until either the download is cancelled and re-queued, or the 'Download All' button is pressed at the top.
I experienced this on OS 2.0.0, rev. A hardware; I was able to test this out with P-Racing as I had been notified of a new update off-console and queued up the DL before the list had finished refreshing.

Hello! Thanks for reporting this issue.

I have unfortunately not been able to reproduce this yet, and it's making me wonder if I'm doing something differently than you. When you say you were notified of a new update off-console, what exactly does that mean?

I thought it might be that if you had queued download for a game that was then updated to a new to-be-downloaded version as part of the refresh it might cause problems, but I just tested that and it seems to be working as expected for me (ie - the queued game auto-downloads the update once the refresh is over).


By 'off-console' I mean that I was let know of the new game update by the dev over Discord, before my system had any chance to check into the servers and realize it was there itself. Apologies for the lack of clarity on my part there. I had hit the Update Game button after the game list started refreshing, and my system had realized there was an update for the game (and prompted the Update button to show up within the game's options), but before the "Refreshing List..." prompt had actually finished, which seemed to trigger the reaction.

A game with a new update in the settings list, prompted as 'Waiting to Download...'

I was able to pull it off again with a side-loaded game here in the GIF; it says it's queued up for download, but doesn't start unless some manual action's taken. The timing on it might be variable depending on some factors? Cuz here it was a pretty close and deliberate shave to pull it off, but when I had initially sent it in it happened while I was just trying to download the game without any thought on my part. Maybe I was just being impatient hahaha

Hopefully this helps!