2.0.1 - Incorrect display of downloading-games progress in Settings

When downloading a game from Settings with other uninstalled games in the list, all of the uninstalled games will share the progress status of the game currently being downloaded, instead of only the currently-downloading game.

Here, only Loopsy is being installed - yet all the games read as 84% downloaded.

A gif of the Settings list, downloading a game. All the 'Uninstalled' games share the progress bar throughout the duration.
Here, I install Life's Too Short: A Christmas Spirit - you can see the other Uninstalled games matching the progress of the game currently being downloaded in the list. Within the affected games' settings, they still have "Install Game" buttons, and after the initial game finishes downloading, the others go back to showing up as Uninstalled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter your Settings, and go to Games.
  2. Make sure you've got at least two Uninstalled games in your list.
  3. Install just one of the games, and then watch the progress bars for the other games - they should remain set on Uninstalled, but instead match the status of the installing game.

This happens on-device (screenshots captured from Mirror), as well as the Simulator (I'm on macOS), both on 2.0.1 - it's harder to catch on the Simulator since games download a lot more quickly there.


I actually noticed this over the weekend as well! I'm not sure what's going on yet but I'll look into getting this fixed asap.

Thanks for the bug report!

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